Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh


Our Yoga Retreat Courses in Rishikesh are organized in such a way that the students can achieve the highest peak of spiritual peace & are able to know about them deeply. It also helps them to achieve their goals of life by developing motivation in them. Today, when everyone is surrounded by a number of pessimistic thoughts & feelings, we are providing the one solution for all the health-related problems.

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh is providing various Yoga Retreat Courses for all the individuals who want to gain peace of mind, body & soul. These Yoga Retreats help individuals to focus on the aim of their life. It creates all the positive sensations inside the individual so that they can understand the true meaning of life & can live it happily forever.

Here, all the asana & pranayama poses are being practiced to make individuals physically & mentally strong. It refreshes the body, mind & soul of the individual & provides him new ways of living life joyfully. All the individuals are provided with the yogic or sattvic food at the yoga center to maintain the health of the individuals. Eating healthy food helps individuals to improve their postures of asana & pranayama which always give a positive outcome. It makes the body stronger & balanced than before.

Mantra chanting is also practiced over here which helps in refreshing the mind of the individual.


The center not only offers the excellent practices of yoga retreat courses but it also provides various other facilities also. There is a proper accommodation facility in the center only. By staying in the center while your courses are going on, it brings you closer to the yogic culture & hence you can practice the course more efficiently. By living in such a serene environment surrounded by the Himalayan mountains, one can become closer to nature & hence can gain internal peace.

All the guests or students are heartily welcomed at the Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Center. There are present all the necessary amenities that a student might need during their stay. The place is comfortable enough to live without any worry. All the safety & security measures are there.

The center contains the following amenities:
Neat & Cleanrooms
Healthy yogic food
Library with all the informative books about yoga

Yoga Retreat Schedule

Morning Yoga- 6:00am.

Yoga Detoxification/ Pranayama- 7:45am.

Ayurvedic Massage- 11:00am.

Ganga Aarti (World famous prayer to Ganges)- 6:00pm.

Morning Yoga- 6:00am.

Yoga Detoxification/ Pranayama- 7:45am.

Mauni Baba Cave-11:00am.

Evening Yoga & Meditation- 4:15pm.

Morning Yoga in Kunjapuri Temple- 5:30am.

Himalaya trip (visit to the Tehri Lake)- 9:00am.

Morning Yoga- 6:00am.

Yoga Detoxification/ Pranayama- 7:45am.

Ayurvedic Massage- 11:00am.

Beatles Ashram Visit- 3:30pm.

Morning Yoga- 6:00am.

Yoga Detoxification/ Pranayama- 7:45am.

Introduction To Ayurveda- 10:30am.

Evening Yoga/Yoga Nidra- 4:15pm.

Yoga Class near River Ganga- 7:00am.

Rafting- 10:30am.

Meditation And Relaxation- 6:00pm.

Morning Yoga- 6:00am.

Pranayama- 7:15am.

Trekking to Visit Waterfall- 10:30am.

Excursion Activities

We provide the excursion activities to our students in their free days to the beautiful and spiritual places in rishikesh so they can experience more the spirituality of yoga in rishikesh our programmer in free days is to visit to Himalayas to the beautiful Devi or goddess temple to see the sunrise,visit to the famous Beetles Ashram where they can experience the mysteries of ashram with beautiful paintings and very different energies and students will get the visit to the caves in the mountain where they can experience the energies of the past sages or yogis and rafting in the Ganges so students can experience the holy water of the mother Ganga.
Himalyan Sunrise Trip.

Yogi Cave Visit.

River Rafting.

Ganga Arti.