CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga

Considered to be the versatile & healthiest type of yoga, CorePower Yoga deals in strengthening & authorizing the body, mind & spirit of an individual. The main purpose of practicing corepower yoga is to make students learn how to get connected to one’s body & communicate with the soul to know more about the inner self. By getting attached to one’s inner self, there is developed the core strength which helps in building up the base for the individual so that they can make themselves perfectly ready mentally & physically.
CorePower Yoga needs tough & vigorous training which provides the expected physical results.
By practicing it, there is a need for the Indian practice of spiritual & meditation elements. It helps in getting both physical & mental peace.
There are three types of yoga included in the corepower yoga namely: power yoga, core yoga, & hot yoga.
Here is the little description been provided about all three yogas.
Power Yoga: Power yoga basically suits those who want to learn yoga for being physically fit by getting more specific to physical aspects. These people less focus on spiritual & meditative concepts & more on physical. And that is the reason it became famous in the West.
There is no compulsion to follow any set of series related to Ashtanga Yoga. Power Yoga includes the practice of doing yoga poses sequentially at a faster rate.

Core Yoga:

Core Yoga here somehow relates to core strength training. There are various techniques used in the core yoga part such as Kundalini Core Yoga. It helps in developing the physical strength in the individual by the vigorous practices.

Hot Yoga:

It is believed that if one uses the heat elements while practicing the corepower yoga, it will definitely help in reducing the risk of muscular injuries. Including the heat in the sessions also helps in the detoxification process. .

CorePower Yoga Program

CorePower Yoga consists of 3 programs known as CorePower, Unlocking Athletic Power, and Soul of Strength. The CorePower Program is related to the exercise of abdominal & back muscles. the second program,i.e. Unlocking Athletic Power deals with the exercise of back & abdominal muscles & also with the hips & pelvic region. The last program named Soul of Strength has the motive to develop with the soul of the body.
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