Vinyasa yoga Teacher Training school offers five simple and functional types of accommodation. An accommodation is also a crucial component in making the experience of Yoga more comforting and worthwhile. Living in the close embrace of nature in itself is a refreshing experience. The guests and students are warmly welcomed into the humble abode of Vinyasa yoga teacher training school.


Student at Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training school will receive a private room to maximize their comfort. We believe it’s important for each student to have a private sanctuary where they can reflect and recharge after an intense day of classes. Each room is furnished with a wardrobe, tables, chairs, and a private bathroom with hot water. Fast and free Wi-Fi is also included so that you can stay connected with your loved ones. We are there at every part of your Yoga journey. The great hospitality and care is one thing that our students love the most about us. Worried about travelling in India, just give us a call and we will take care of everything you need.


We offers the best of Indian delicacies throughout the program. We prepare specialties from all parts of India. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are carefully selected from a huge choice of Indian specialities and are served with love in all three meals of the day. We put a lot of thought, care, and (of course) love into your food to ensure that you will feel re-energized, hydrated, and strong throughout the day.


The library is a very relaxed and approachable atmosphere. It is inspiring to be in an environment where people are so friendly and open to pursuing better lifestyles.” -Be Well at Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training School. You'll find more health and wellness classes, such as stress reduction, books written by well-known spiritual gurus, books on meditation, yoga anatomy, and much more!. And we’ll provide information about useful community services that can help you lead a healthier life.


Havan, also known as homa or homam, is a Sanskrit word that refers to any ritual wherein offerings are made into a consecrated fire. The word comes from the Sanskrit root word hu, meaning "to offer" or "to present." Generally, the word is used in northern India, while homa is used in southern India. Regardless, the meaning is identical. Havana is conducted every month in the beginning of the Teacher Training Programme as an opening ceremony of the course. In Havana we offer various medicated herbs and ghee into the divine fire to purify the surrounding environment.


Travel is a sensory bombardment in the most pleasurable of ways. Every moment is an opportunity to be truly present. We offer to arrange your transportation from the Delhi or Dehradun airport, our representative will receive you from the airport arrival lounge, after welcome with garland the representative will assist you till your comfortable check in the school. Simply send us an email to arrange!